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Our dynamic content is built in partnership with subject matters experts across the country. Do you have expertise to share? Are you interested in becoming an on-demand course instructor and earning extra revenue by writing bite-sized courses that can be accessed by educators from across the country? If so, the Stride PD Center has an opportunity for you to work with us, expand your influence, and help teachers improve. You provide the content within our frameworks, and we offer the design, marketing, sales, LMS hosting, and support. Click below to share your course proposal. Our team will follow up with next steps

Join Our Team of Content Partners

We’re honored to work with teachers across the nation who are inspired and driven to create a positive impact on education and accessible professional development for teachers.

Joel Medley

Joel Medley is an SME and Director at Stride, Inc., formerly known as K12. His experience to coach educators through leadership development has expended from traditional school settings to online education.

Instructor of:

Olivia Odileke

Olivia loves sharing simple but effective instructional strategies that increase student academic engagement. She is passionate about inspiring teachers to create genuinely student-centered learning experiences

Instructor of:

Kathy Kales

Kathy has been in education since 2009. She is currently an instructional designer who uses her passion to creatively help learners of all ages reach their potential.

Instructor of:

Darren Reed

With three decades of public and private sector teaching and executive leadership experience, Darren currently serves as Senior Executive and business leader of the Stride Professional Development Center.

Instructor of:

Jenny Kendall

Jenny is Senior Director of Special Programs at Stride and has worked for over twenty years within the company’s educational community.

Instructor of:

Sarah Perroy

Sarah is the Project Based Learning Instructional Lead for Career Learning at Stride, where she uses her educational experience to craft high-quality professional learning experiences for teachers and leaders.

Instructor of:

Tabitha Sekuras

Tabitha is a Lead Academic Specialist at Stride, where she develops and presents training resources for teachers and school leaders.

Instructor of:

Jacque Beavers

Jacque has been an educator since 2012. She brings her passion for academic intervention and trauma-informed practice, helping all learners reach their goals with individualized instruction.

Instructor of:

Niyoka McCoy

Niyoka has been with Stride since 2007 and has led educational equity by providing support to build vital academic programs, especially for an online environment

Instructor of:

Gila Tuchman

Gila has served in various capacities during her 19 years with Stride including elementary teacher, academic administrator, and director of academics. Gila earned her Doctorate in Educational Leadership in 2020.

Instructor of:

Erica Seybert

As a certified counselor, Erica has a background that also includes teaching and advising across grades K-12. She loves to blend her professional passion with personal pursuits and does so through frequent volunteer work.

Instructor of:

Casey Rudzena

Casey has held various roles throughout her fourteen years in education, from teaching middle school at Arizona Virtual Academy to being part of the administration team at eSchool Prep in Texas.

Instructor of:

Brittany Churchill

Brittany uses her past educational pursuits to foster life-long learning. She plays a vital role in developing resources to reach all learners and their unique educational needs.

Instructor of:

Meghan Seibert

Meghan has worked in education for over thirteen years in various roles, including a special education teacher, director, and instructional coach.

Instructor of:

Katherine Safarik

Katherine has worked as an educator for almost twenty years, beginning as a first grade teacher in a traditional classroom before transitioning to online education.

Instructor of:

Sarah Poole

After teaching in brick-and-mortar elementary classrooms for close to two decades, she transitioned into being an online educator in 2020. Sarah loves participating in various 10K races in her free time.

Instructor of:

Partnership Advantages

Our focus is offering professional development for teachers and school leaders that can immediately be implemented in their local settings. When you partner with us, you gain the following:



The Content Director helps you think through your course outline to get it design ready in a specified and scripted format.



The instructional design team takes your written script to make it engaging for the learner and polished to promote appeal.



The course, once it has passed through a final review process, is hosted on our Learning Management System where teachers, schools, and districts can access your work.



Your name, photo, and bio are listed on our site to show that you are part of our content team, meaning that you can share out via your own social media channels.



Our blogs, social media channels, and sales efforts work for you to share those courses and encourage potential learners to take your course.


Profit Share

For every course sold, you receive a portion so that your course works while you sleep.