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Instructor: Sarah Perroy
Sarah is the Project Based Learning Instructional Lead for Career Learning at Stride, where she uses her educational experience to craft high-quality professional learning experiences for teachers and leaders.

Project Based Learning: The 12 Integral Components of Success

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Course Content

Project Launch
Planning Tools
Voice and Choice
Peer Feedback
Professional Skills
Presentation of Understanding

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Course Description

Project based Learning is an approach that teachers can use to readily engage students and apply learning to real-world problems.  The process, which uses learning opportunities and the inquiry method, includes differentiated student support, collaborative group problem-solving, and professional skill development.

“The 12 Integral Components of Success” is a wonderful, 10 hour course for teachers and school leaders contemplating the adoption of this model while also being a great refresher for veteran teachers of the PBL model.  Every teacher can and will learn valuable tools from this course structure.

This detailed course on the implementation of Project Based Learning (PBL) has three primary objectives that focus on what the learner will know, understand, and do:

  1. KNOW:  The learner will examine the entire process of PBL – from project launch to the presentation of understanding.   
  2. UNDERSTAND:  The learner will reflect upon their learning and focus on application through scenarios and rubrics that ensure mastery of the content.
  3. DO:  The learner will evaluate their current practice of these PBL principles and either (1) adjust based upon new skills and ideas from the course or (2) design and implement their first PBL project. 

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