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About Us

Teachers are the heroes that lead the charge for student success.  Our schools and students need them now more than ever and Stride Professional Development is committed to helping solve teachers’ greatest challenges related to ongoing professional learning.

We know the best PD plans are those that include a level of flexibility and choice for educators and Stride PD provides a welcomed solution that allows educators to take charge of their learning.  We succeed when teachers  and schools succeed.  We are here to learn from and support educators as they continue to transform the lives of the students they serve.  Stride PD is proud to partner with educators everywhere in their service of students.

Our Mission

Our mission is to transform educator professional learning by creating a lasting impact through on-demand PD that offers choice, flexibility, and relevance.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to build a national educator community that utilizes Stride PD as a one-stop destination for all on-demand professional development needs.

Our History

Stride PD leverages Stride, Inc.’s twenty-plus years as the leader in online learning to bring on-demand professional development to educators everywhere. Having supported more than 3,000 schools and trained over 55,000 teachers and leaders, we proudly expand to transform educator PD that meets a school's most challenging needs.

Our Founding Team

Darren Reed

General Manager
Darren’s three-plus decades of experience in both the public and private sector as an education leader fuels his passion for transforming professional development for educators.

Joel Medley

Product Development
Joel brings knowledge about school leadership and culture due to previous work that includes traditional, charter, and online schools. His mission is growing people.

Matthew Hoppe

Instructional Design
Matthew has been an instructional designer with Stride for over three years, creating content to engage and inform educators in various best practices.

Gregory Kulp

eCommerce and IT
Greg has worked with and launched multiple small & medium enterprises. Leading his initiative with excitement, curiousity, and tenacity.