Stride's Project Based Learning Courses

Project-based learning is an approach that teachers can use to readily engage students and apply learning to solve real-world problems. The process, which uses learning opportunities and an inquiry method, includes differentiated student support, collaborative group problem-solving, and professional skill development. Every teacher can and will learn valuable tools from these courses.

PBL 12_ Reflection Product Image
Project Based Learning

PBL 12: Reflection

Instructor: Sarah Perroy

If you want a successful project, then you must build in regular, authentic reflection opportunities. This ongoing reflection helps your students sharpen analytical skills, integrate new knowledge with previous knowledge, and develop...

PBL 11_ Rubrics Product Image
Project Based Learning

PBL 11: Rubrics

Instructor: Sarah Perroy

The central core to Project Based Learning is rubrics – created in planning, shared at the beginning, referred to throughout, and used at the end. This course helps you encourage student buy-in...

PBL 10_ Presentation of Understanding Product Image
Project Based Learning

PBL 10: Presentation of Understanding

Instructor: Sarah Perroy

The projects wrap up as students offer presentations that demonstrate their understanding of the content. These presentations enable students to share their learning, assess their growth, and showcase their work. This often...

PBL 9_ Professional Skills Product Image
Project Based Learning

PBL 9: Professional Skills

Instructor: Sarah Perroy

Project Based Learning is one of the best educational formats that directly teach professional skills. You will come to understand how to demonstrate and provide practice for non-subject matter competencies so that...

PBL 8_ Partnerships Product Image
Project Based Learning

PBL 8: Partnerships

Instructor: Sarah Perroy

Relevance of content and learning beyond the classroom is a must for education to be effective and long-lasting. Project based learning helps create authentic partnerships between projects and professionals. When that happens,...

PBL 7_ Peer Feedback Product Image
Project Based Learning

PBL 7: Peer Feedback

Instructor: Sarah Perroy

Good feedback is essential for improvement; however, Project Based Learning incorporates peer feedback seamlessly. This course teaches you how to provide timely peer feedback opportunities within your projects so students can effectively...

PBL 6_ Voice and Choice Product Image
Project Based Learning

PBL 6: Voice and Choice

Instructor: Sarah Perroy

When students are heard and given options, their commitment to learning increases significantly. Project Based Learning is a great tool for hearing, choosing, and learning. You can increase relevancy and authenticity by...

PBL 5_ Benchmarks Product Image
Project Based Learning

PBL 5: Benchmarks

Instructor: Sarah Perroy

Everyone wants to know the measures for which they will be compared. This fact is an even more important component in Project Based Learning. Improve your use of benchmarks within a project...

PBL 4_ Planning Tools Product Image
Project Based Learning

PBL 4: Planning Tools

Instructor: Sarah Perroy

Project Based Learning is a structured methodology for students to learn together, and this format requires deep planning and multiple tools. Guiding your students in using planning tools is a great way...

PBL 3_ Scaffolding Product Image
Project Based Learning

PBL 3: Scaffolding

Instructor: Sarah Perroy

Every student needs support to succeed and this becomes even more important in Project Based Learning. You will learn to use appropriate scaffolding to support students, help them think deeper, and create...

PBL 2_ Collaboration Product Image
Project Based Learning

PBL 2: Collaboration

Instructor: Sarah Perroy

An integral part of Project Based Learning is collaboration. You will learn how to create a classroom culture that fosters collaboration, meaning that students are engaged with each other in highly productive...

PBL 1_ Project Launch Product Image
Project Based Learning

PBL 1: Project Launch

Instructor: Sarah Perroy

Creating a dynamic project launch is one of the most important fundamentals to master because it starts everything in your PBL project!  A good start increases the likelihood of a strong finish....

Project Based Learning Coming Soon!

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PBL for School Leaders

Clock Hours: 1.0

This course helps school leaders understand PBL and know what to look for in observations

Project Based Learning Free Resources

Video Strategies for Student Projects

This resources shares ideas for teachers to help students improve the video quality of their projects.

Student Input

A resource to help you gain student input at the end of a lesson

Feedback Form

Use this resource to keep track of feedback provided to students and how they used it to improve.

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