Online Teaching Courses

As the educational landscape continues to evolve, the ability to teach online effectively is increasingly essential.  Whether you are a novice or seasoned veteran in online teaching, our Online Teaching courses offer thought-provoking ideas, practical skills, and classroom strategies to help you plan and implement proficient instruction. 

Course Card Having a Full Cup Boundaries and Teaching
Online Teaching

Having a Full Cup: Boundaries and Teaching
Instructor: Kory Taylor

This course focuses school staff to set boundaries between their work and personal life. Working in education, including working from home, creates challenges in...

Remote Education How to Be a Successful Learner
Online Teaching

Remote Education: How to be a Successful Learner
Instructor: Olivia Odileke

For various reasons, teaching online either permanently or temporarily has become the latest necessary transition for our teachers; however, we need to also consider...

Remote Education Unpacking TPACK
Online Teaching

Remote Education: Unpacking TPACK
Instructor: Olivia Odileke

With remote and hybrid learning becoming more prevalent, a framework for use is important. TPACK is a knowledge base that teachers can use to...

Remote Education Key Practices, Tools, and Resources
Online Teaching

Remote Education: Key Practices, Tools, and Resources
Instructor: Olivia Odileke

Remote and hybrid learning are quickly becoming valuable teaching strategies for many teachers. Learn how to create an inclusive classroom that ensures that every...

Remote Education Transitioning to Remote Learning
Online Teaching

Remote Education: Transitioning to Remote Learning
Instructor: Olivia Odileke

If you have been teaching for a while, you have likely had to transition to a new curriculum, age level, or subject area. For...

Remote Education Using Video and Digital Tools
Online Teaching

Remote Education: Using Video and Digital Tools
Instructor: Olivia Odileke

When teaching online, you have a host of tools to help create a secure and safe online classroom environment. You will learn how to...

Remote Education Engaging All Students
Online Teaching

Remote Education: Engaging Students
Instructor: Olivia Odileke

On day one of the school year, your students will bring unique cultures and experiences into the classroom. Learn how to use your online...

Teaching Online without PowerPoint Product Image
Online Teaching

Teaching Online without PowerPoint
Instructor: Sarah Poole

Would you like to discover different ways to teach online without using PowerPoint? See how to use a document camera, screen share, and the...

Classroom Management Strategies When Students are Offline Product Image
Online Teaching

Classroom Management Strategies When Students are Offline
Instructor: Casey Rudzena

When students are engaged, they are learning. Learn how to extend your student’s learning with strategies to keep them engaged after they leave your...

Online Teaching

A Day In The Life Of An Online Teacher
Instructor: Joel Medley

Ever wonder what online teachers actually do all day? This video, mini-course will answer that question and provide you with strategies to enhance your...

Online Teaching Free Resources

Teaching with imPACT Resource

Use this guide to see what Passion, Accountability, Courage, and Trust look like in schools.

Self Care Tips

Free list of additional resources to improve your self-care as a teacher.

AI Resources for Educators

From Promising Practices 24, this resource shares prompting tips for generative AI, ideas on how to implement the tools, and a few “do” and “don’t” tips.

Online Lesson Template

This customizable template walks you through a simple lesson framework for online teaching.

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