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Instructor: Sarah Perroy
Sarah is the Project Based Learning Instructional Lead for Career Learning at Stride, where she uses her educational experience to craft high-quality professional learning experiences for teachers and leaders.
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PBL 8: Partnerships

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Relevance of content and learning beyond the classroom is a must for education to be effective and long-lasting. Project based learning helps create authentic partnerships between projects and professionals. When that happens, students see the application of their work to the professional world.


This course seeks to answer the driving question: How can we, as PBL teachers, create authentic partnerships between our projects and professionals so that our students see the application of their work to the professional world?

Connection to Practice

  • Tips in finding and inviting professional partners into your classrooms and projects
  • Ideas on creating connections and increasing authenticity
  • Rubric analysis on partners within a project


  • A willingness to learn and grow.
  • A computer or phone with access to the internet.
  • No paid software required – everything you need is in the Learning Module.

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