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A way to build your school and classroom toolkit with templates, ideas, and documents that can benefit you TODAY!

Game-based Learning Resources

Ideas and links to help you seamlessly infuse game-based learning into your classrooms.

Teacher & Leader Responses to Student Trauma

A list of supportive responses for students facing trauma – from the whole-school (leader) and individual class (teacher) level.

AI Ideas for Schools & Classrooms

A 9 page document with ideas around AI for teachers and leaders to consider for implementation.  This includes videos and exercises for you to experiment with the tools for personal practice.

Check-In Template

Template with sample questions you can use for a check-in.

Self Care Tips

from course: Teaching and Self-Care

Free list of additional resources to improve your self-care as a teacher.

Sample Coaching Questions

Coaching leverages collective wisdom to prevent impulsive
preferences from undoing the intended purpose.

Dos and Don'ts of Meetings

from course: Effective Meetings

Effective meetings are important and this course offers strategies, tips, ideas, and templates on how to make that happen.

Video Strategies for Student Projects

This resources shares ideas for teachers to help students improve the video quality of their projects.

Teaching with imPACT Resource

Use this guide to see what Passion, Accountability, Courage, and Trust look like in schools.

Holistic Rubric Best Practices

Far too often, we struggle with rubric implementation. Here is a detailed two-page document that helps by explaining holistic rubrics, offering an exemplar, and taking your thinking deeper than before.

Stakeholders' Influence Workbook Template

from course: Stakeholder Connection

The full course offers instructions to help you best use the resource.  It will guide you (and others) in considering who your stakeholders are, what they want, and how they can each influence your school.  

50 Easy Student Rewards

Teachers use rewards regularly as part of a classroom management plan, so here is a template that you can use for your elementary students.

Simple Math Lesson Plan Template

If you are looking for a lesson plan template to teach math content, here is a sample for you. Download, complete, and use!

ACT Card for Culture Improvement

from course: Reframing an Existing School’s Culture

The resource itself comes from a short-story about two school leaders facing the challenges of transforming school culture, and it can be used for either a classroom or the full school.

Professional Development Planning Frame

This simple tool guides you in creating a plan for your own personal or professional learning.

Backward Lesson Design Template

This template coincides with our blog focusing on Backward Lesson Design.

Student Goal Planner

A simple one-page document that can be used by students to create goals – both short and long term.

Student Input

A resource to help you gain student input at the end of a lesson

Feedback Form

Use this resource to keep track of feedback provided to students and how they used it to improve.

New Teacher Tips

Ten simple tips to get you off to a GREAT start in your 1st classroom

AI Examples for the Classroom

Five ways to change a traditional task to use AI within the assignment. 

Self-Leadership Reflection Tool

Answer these 3 questions EVERY month for growth.  Best if not using a computer so you avoid distractions.

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