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Science of Reading 1: Foundations

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Reading is foundational for all content within schools, so this first course in a larger series introduces learners to the best practices of reading instruction.  These practices are aligned to the Science of Reading – decades of research that identifies how we learn to read. Specifically, you will learn how reading comprehension relates to the brain’s processing of external stimuli while being introduced to the five essential components of reading.   

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4.5 out of 5 stars (based on 19 reviews)
June 10, 2024

No suggestions at this time. I am reenergized by what I have learned thus far.

Tracey M
April 1, 2024

Understanding the big 5 and how to facilitate reading.

Angel C
March 22, 2024

Looking deeper at student needs in reading and aligning IEP goals as such.

Kim K
March 8, 2024

I will utilize the reading instuction progression as described and learned about during the course, as well as remember what the science of reading is “not” in order to best support my student’s sucess, based on years of data and research.

Madeleine C
Course Card Science of Reading 1
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Instructor: Stride Reading Team
The Stride Reading Team includes a wide level of expertise and specifically consists of Ginny Murphy, Lindsay Krieger, Amy Hollis, Iman Alattar, and Meghan Christian.