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AI for Educators: Theory

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This course builds upon the foundation created by the first course in the series – “AI for Educators: Introduction.” Specifically, this course moves the learner through considerations of AI around cheating, plagiarism, ethics, and accuracy. The course provides many engagement opportunities to challenge you to think deeply about the implications and responsibility of using AI in your classroom. As Iman says in her podcast, “THIS is a tool that will transform how teachers teach and how students learn.”

NOTE: Always follow your school, district, or corporate policy and tool recommendations regarding the use of Artificial Intelligence in education.

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June 6, 2024

Would like to explore the links shared. I have used ChatGTP, but not any that are specific for educators

June 6, 2024

I am absolutely blown away by this powerful and useful tool. This training really opened my eyes to the potential of AI to make my life easier, and help my students be more successful. How exciting!

Angela G
June 2, 2024

I will consider some of these options.

Andrea R
May 2, 2024

Developing proper usage rules with students to optimize learning.

Suzanne L
Ai Robot for Implementation of AI for Educators
Instructor Bio
Instructor: Iman.Alattar
Iman is a Learning Development Specialist on Stride’s Talent Development team. She draws on more than a decade of diverse experiences in teaching and administrative roles, across traditional and online settings, to create dynamic professional development training for educators.