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Instructor: Belinda Lindeburgh
Having taught English for 25 years, Belinda has extensive knowledge as a content specialist. She uses that background to create trainings that coach teachers for improvement.
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Grading Calibration 2: Literary Analysis

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This second of five courses in the Grading Calibration series will provide you with an understanding of what calibration is as you practice scoring sample work.

This course focuses on ELA teachers – particularly high school – and looks at literary analysis papers. Due to scoring of sample student work, this course is best experienced on a laptop or desktop.

Calibration 2

This series will teach you what calibration is and give you direct feedback as you align your rubric scoring with that of experts in three major ELA categories – literary analysis, research papers, and middle school writing. 

Connection to Practice

  • Speed exercises for norming and calibration
  • Practice in paper analysis and comparison against an expert calibration team’s scores


  • A willingness to learn and grow.
  • A computer or phone with access to the internet.
  • No paid software required – everything you need is in the Learning Module.

Earn a Professional Development Certificate

Share this credential with your school administration and in your performance review.

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