5 Professional Development Websites for Teachers

Teachers are some of the most inspiring people on the planet. Their dedication to students and families coupled with their passion for the content makes them unique, but it also means they need to keep learning themselves. If you’re looking for professional development websites to help you be a better teacher, look no further!

The Stride PD Center believes we have much to offer teachers; however, we also want to help you find the professional learning you need – even if it is not with us. For instance, go to the bottom of our Instructional Practices or Student Support pages and take notice of the links to other sites. We, obviously, want you to choose our products; yet, our commitment to you is to help you grow and develop. Period. That’s why we have curated content just for you.

Should you decide you want to look elsewhere, here are some sites that you can consider as well. Just as a note, for each of the paid options, the Stride PD Center is more affordable than them all!

Udemy for Business (paid)

Udemy for Business is a paid service that offers courses in Business, technology, and personal development. Courses are available on a wide variety of topics, including email marketing, project management, and time management. You can get a certificate of completion from Udemy for Business which can be printed or shared electronically with potential employers. You can access the full range of courses from anywhere with an internet connection. This makes it ideal for training staff or clients who travel regularly.

Udacity (paid)

Udacity is a solid option, but it focuses on various programs, from data science courses to Android game development workshops. A great benefit of Udacity is that it only charges you for courses once you pass them, making it easy for teachers to experiment with new topics without fear of spending money on learning that might not stick. Additionally, their content often includes interactive elements like quizzes and videos that add to your understanding of the material—they aren’t just lectures!

Lynda (paid)

Lynda is an excellent resource for teachers of all experience levels, especially those new to the field. It offers courses on many topics and some very useful courses on technology, design, and development. There are also a lot of courses on Business and marketing which can help you build your skills in these areas. The only downside is that it’s subscription-based, so you have to pay for any course you want to take, but if you are okay with spending a few bucks per month, then getting access through Lynda could be worth it!


Coursera is a platform for online education. It offers courses from top universities and industry leaders, including Johns Hopkins University, Princeton University, and U.S. Military Academy (West Point). Classes are organized into different categories: Arts & Humanities, Computer Science, Data Analysis, Education & Teaching Methods, and more.The company has partnered with many prestigious institutions to offer its content on the platform. The course catalog offers over 500 free classes right now! That’s right; you can get your college degree or learn about topics like coding for free! You can even earn a certificate upon completing any course offered on Coursera if you want to pursue higher education credit.


Brainier is a free online platform that offers students, parents, and teachers a wide range of learning options. They offer courses in math, science, language arts, and social studies. Their courses are fun and easy to understand. Teachers can also use Brainier for lesson plans on specific topics or just ideas for teaching certain concepts in class! The website has resources for teachers, such as the teacher’s guidebook, which will help you figure out what your students already know about the topic so that you can cover only what they don’t know yet (saving time when teaching).

Brainier has many other great features like discussion boards where you can reach out to experts who would love nothing more than answering your questions; interactive quizzes where kids get immediate feedback on their progress; live webinars held by renowned professionals so that anyone interested in learning more about education could attend regardless of location (worldwide).

We hope that you found these professional development websites helpful and that you can learn and grow as an educator. Remember that it’s always possible to start learning new things, and the Stride PD Center is here to help you.

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