Stride's Leadership Courses

Leading always begins with learning. Strategies to improve individual classroom and whole-school culture are provided to help you where you are within the school. When culture and strong instruction are matched together, the result is academic achievement.

Course Card Pursuing Collaborative Balance 5 Beyond Instruction

Pursuing Collaborative Balance 5:  Beyond Instruction

Instructor: Iman Alattar

The final course in this series moves beyond instruction of pursuing collaborative balance and takes the learner into direct implementation of the five measures.  Learners receive a brief refresher but then work...

Course Card Pursuing Collaborative Balance 4 Observation

Pursuing Collaborative Balance 4:  Observation

Instructor: Iman Alattar

The fourth in a multi-course series, this next collaborative balance course culminates prior content by direct application to the observation and feedback process.  The learner will understand scripting, scoring, and dialogue but...

Course Card Pursuing Collaborative Balance 3 Coaching

Pursuing Collaborative Balance 3:  Coaching

Instructor: Iman Alattar

The third in a multi-course series, this next collaborative balance course focuses on coaching.  The learner will understand the coaching cycle, explore a framework, and move through the individual phases of coaching...

Course Card Pursuing Collaborative Balance 2 Communication

Pursuing Collaborative Balance 2:  Communication

Instructor: Iman Alattar

The second in a multi-course series, this next collaborative balance course focuses on communication through transparency and collaboration while making decisions and building relationships.  The learner explores these topics through the five...

Course Card Pursuing Collaborative Balance 1 Introduction

Pursuing Collaborative Balance 1: Introduction

Instructor: Iman Alattar

The first in a multi-course series, this collaborative balance course focuses on creating a thriving, educational environment where everyone is valued and respected.  The learner will explore that five measures – input,...

Ai Robot for Integration of AI for Leaders

AI for Leaders: Integration

Instructor: Joel Medley

Specifically for school leaders, this course offers ideas for change management regarding the use of artificial intelligence in schools.  Leaders will practice with a few AI tools and gain strategies to use with all...

Stakeholder Language Product Image

Stakeholder Language

Instructor: Veronica Clemons

When you communicate with confidence, stakeholders will fully understand the message you convey.  This course teaches you how to adjust your message to the audience that you intend to reach. Language “You...

Stakeholder Connection Product Image

Stakeholder Connection

Instructor: Veronica Clemons

Connecting stakeholders to the work of the local school is vital to student success. This course helps you identify your critical stakeholders and how they, directly or indirectly, influence areas of the...

Stakeholder Cumminication Product Image

Stakeholder Communication

Instructor: Veronica Clemons

Each stakeholder performs a significant role in connecting with your school. But who are your stakeholders, and what influences do they have? Enroll in this course to help you uncover and support those who...

Vision for Leaders Product Image

Vision for Leaders

Instructor: Joel Medley

Have you created and implemented a vision that will solidify your organization’s impact? Learn how to identify and create a well-crafted vision that will help you guide your organization into a future...

Effective Meetings Product Image

Effective Meetings

Instructor: Joel Medley

Gain strategies for leading effective meetings to improve your communication leading to better success and achievement.   Meetings are the rare times when your entire team is together. Learn how to leverage that...

School Needs Assessment Product Image

School Needs Assessment

Instructor: Tabitha Sekuras

Continuous improvement in schools starts with planning based on a comprehensive needs assessment.  This course provides background to the process, offers exemplars to view, shares state forms, and gives you the chance...

Problem Of Practice Product Image

Problem of Practice

Instructor: Darren Reed

If you want to promote collaboration and problem-solving with your colleagues, then this course is for you.  The Problem of Practice consultancy protocol offers tools that can be learned and applied to...

building resiliency in education Product Image

Building Resiliency | Leadership

Instructor: Joel Medley

Before facing extreme circumstances (e.g., a pandemic) or routine changes (e.g., curriculum adoption), school leaders must take steps to build a resilient school culture. This course will help you recognize important habits...

Leadership Coming Soon!

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Observation and Feedback

Clock Hours: 1.0

A course that gives leaders ideas and actions to help improve observation dialogue for instructional improvement.

Instructional Practice Free Resources

Stakeholders' Influence Workbook Template

from course: Stakeholder Connection

The full course offers instructions to help you best use the resource.  It will guide you (and others) in considering who your stakeholders are, what they want, and how they can each influence your school.  

Dos and Don'ts of Meetings

from course: Effective Meetings

Effective meetings are important and this course offers strategies, tips, ideas, and templates on how to make that happen.

Check-In Template

Template with sample questions you can use for a check-in.

Sample Coaching Questions

Coaching leverages collective wisdom to prevent impulsive
preferences from undoing the intended purpose.

Observation & Dialogue Tips

Leaders can use this summary as a reminder for scripting, scoring, and dialogue to help with instructional coaching.

The Stride PD Center wants to save you time! We have curated a list of useful resources that we believe support your professional growth in this focused, learning topic. While we do not own this material, we have included it here so that the Stride PD Center can serve as your “one-stop shop” for continued learning!
Principals and Effective Schools  | The Wallace Foundation
Schools need leaders not managers | Journal of Leadership Education 
Hot topics for school leaders | National Governor’s Association 
Is My School Better Because I Lead It? | School Talk with Principal Kafele
Improving School Leadership Toolkit |  Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development