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Stakeholder Language

When you communicate with confidence, stakeholders will fully understand the message you convey.  This course teaches you how to adjust your message to the audience that you intend to reach. Language “You are speaking my language” is the tone your stakeholders should receive when reading your communication. This does not necessarily mean they will agree …

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Stakeholder Connection

Connecting stakeholders to the work of the local school is vital to student success. This course helps you identify your critical stakeholders and how they, directly or indirectly, influence areas of the school community.  Connection Each stakeholder performs a significant role in connecting with your school. But who are your stakeholders, and what influences do …

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Stakeholder Communication

Each stakeholder performs a significant role in connecting with your school. But who are your stakeholders, and what influences do they have? Enroll in this course to help you uncover and support those who make your school survive and thrive. Communication If you are only using one method for communication with stakeholders, you are risking that they …

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Vision for Leaders

Have you created and implemented a vision that will solidify your organization’s impact? Learn how to identify and create a well-crafted vision that will help you guide your organization into a future that you never dreamed was possible. Remember, a leader that cannot see where the organization needs to go cannot design a pathway forward. …

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Effective Meetings

Gain strategies for leading effective meetings to improve your communication leading to better success and achievement.   Meetings are the rare times when your entire team is together. Learn how to leverage that time to maximize your outcomes. Meetings Patrick Lencioni claims that bad meetings breed mediocrity through bad decisions. You, as a leader, need to …

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School Needs Assessment

Continuous improvement in schools starts with planning based on a comprehensive needs assessment.  This course provides background to the process, offers exemplars to view, shares state forms, and gives you the chance to start developing a plan.  The end result is to position you, your staff, and your students for academic success. Needs Assessment This …

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Problem of Practice

If you want to promote collaboration and problem-solving with your colleagues, then this course is for you.  The Problem of Practice consultancy protocol offers tools that can be learned and applied to online or in-person meetings. The process will tap the expertise of those in attendance as you collectively solve a problem.  Problem of Practice …

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Building Resiliency | Leadership

Before facing extreme circumstances (e.g., a pandemic) or routine changes (e.g., curriculum adoption), school leaders must take steps to build a resilient school culture. This course will help you recognize important habits and provide leadership tools to help your staff and students “bounce back” from the challenges ahead. Resilience is the foundational pillar for social …

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