5 Best Resources for Teachers in All Subjects & Grades

If you’re a teacher, then you know that finding resources for your Classroom can be a challenge. There are so many good ideas, but where do you start? That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best resources for teachers AND some free tools. In this article, we’ll talk about 5 top resources for teachers (in all subjects and grade levels) that can help you learn more about your trade and share your knowledge with others:

Sometimes, teachers must pay or expend or a lot of time to get those resources. Not anymore! All of these sites are amazing resources not only for teaching ideas but also for FREE resources! Teachers will love all the great ideas they’ll be able to share with their class and will also be able to find free printables that make teaching easier

Free Technology for Teachers

When it comes to teaching, there are many ways technology can be used. Teachers can use technology to enhance learning, find free resources for their students, and even find free apps for the kids. The Free Technology for Teachers blog has everything you need! If you’re looking for some awesome ways that teachers can use technology in their classrooms (or if you’re just curious), then this is the blog for you!

Clever Classroom

Clever Classroom is a free resource bank that covers a variety of subjects and topics; it’s an excellent resource for teachers of all subjects and grades and features lesson plans and videos for different issues and studies.

You can find resources on all subjects, such as math, science, social studies, history, etc., and instructional videos on how to teach your students effectively.

The website is organized into different categories based on the topic you want to learn about or teach: math lessons & activities; reading activities; multi-aged classroom resources (kindergarten through 5th grade); Middle School/Junior High resources; and more.

Google Teacher Academy

Google Teacher Academy is run by Google and is an excellent resource for finding new tools for the Classroom. It also includes a channel for teaching videos, curriculum guides, templates, and much more. The Academy is free to use and available to teachers worldwide!


Edudemic is one of the most comprehensive educational blogs on the Web. It’s a great resource for teachers, and one of its main features is an excellent section devoted to resources for teachers by grade and subject. If you’re looking for something specific, like lesson plans or worksheets, this site can help you out.


Learnist is a social learning platform where teachers can create curated pages of handpicked content from all over the Web organized into categories. As Learnist’s site says, it’s “the simple way to share what you know in boards that inspire learning.

Learnist has four main features: Boards, Collections, Members, and Public. Boards are collections of articles or videos related to a single theme; Collections are sets of boards with similar pieces; Members are people who use your boards; Public is anyone with access to Learnist who can view your collection’s contents (but not create new ones).

Whether you’re a teacher looking for ways to engage your students in the classroom or helping them learn more about the world around them, these websites are perfect to assist. We’ve got everything covered, from teaching ideas and free resources for teachers to videos, lesson plans, and more!

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