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Teaching for imPACT: Trust

The final action that flows from passion is trust. If you demonstrate accountability and courage, then others will see that you can be trusted, and your influence expands considerably. Clearly, trust is the lasting outcome of living your PACT.

We do need to deal with a common misconception about trust. Here is a descriptive scenario: you are a teacher leader trying to determine the order of math units to teach in the 2nd semester. Two colleagues offer a recommendation but you, based on your understanding from the administration, know that will not work. Thus, you choose a different order. One of those colleagues comes to you and demands to know why you did not trust them.

Many people hold this unfortunate belief that trust means you always do what they recommend. It stems from the belief that trust is strategic not social. What that means is simple – trust is based on relationships and focuses primarily on interactions. Trust does not mean that you always get your way, but it does believe that your recommendation – whether taken or not – is the step you firmly believe the right one to take.

How do you build trust? It starts with passion and culminates in action. Here are a few examples of what trust looks like:

• Completes tasks in a quality manner

• Shares credit to whom it is due

• Offers respect even when disrespected

• Owns mistakes and moves to correct them

If teachers, counselors, or leaders want influence, trust is the one thing they cannot exist without. Every word and deed deposits into or withdraws from your personal “trust account.” Infuse passion, accountability, courage, and trust into all your actions and then watch the magic happen.

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