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Bullying Prevention – TENTATIVE RELEASE DATE 10.10.23
October is National Bullying Prevention Month, and the Stride PD Center is going to release a FREE course that looks a bullying prevention for teachers and school leaders. The content itself will adopt a three-pronged approach to the topic and will have our typical reflection questions, engagement activities, and take-away resources for you. The course itself could be outlined this way:

  1. The Problem: This section offers a definition of bullying and some national statistics that show its prevalence. Examples of bullying are provided as well as a framing of what bullying is not. For instance, there are definitive differences between a single rude comment towards a person and persistent, negative comments.
  2. The Perspectives: This central section is critical as we need to have a broader understanding of bullying. Far too often, the bully is simply viewed as a “bad person;” however, bullying is a learned behavior. We will explore ideas as to why that behavior has been adopted to comprehend what a student is saying by choosing to act that way. Remember, behavior is a form of communication; so we need to be listening. Also, this part considers a 360 view of bullying as we consider the influence of such behavior on the bully, the victim, and on bystanders.
  3. The Prevention: The final section moves into actual prevention by looking at proactive and reactive strategies. These vary from creating positive, classroom environments to conflict resolution skills to teach to students to whole school training so that all adults know what to look for and how to respond. This whole-school approach is important as we share statistics of where students report the school areas that have the highest incidents of bullying.

Recognizing that one course cannot be exhaustive in providing every answer to bullying, we will leave you with a resource that you can use – whether as a school leader or a teacher – to apply directly to your local context. It gives you framing questions and conversation starters so that you can make a difference wherever you are! As a final note, we are also working on a companion Cyberbullying course as well.

Remote Learning Series – LAUNCHED
As we have moved beyond the pandemic, many school districts across the country have adopted online learning strategies for students within their organizations. Yes, good teaching is still good teaching, but that instruction looks different in an online setting. We have a series of 5 or 6 courses that can help you enhance your skills in this area for the benefit of students. The courses are TRLE standards aligned for New York.

These courses are for current or future online teachers, reside in our Instructional Practices category, and take approximately 30 minutes to complete. This shorter design is to promote immediate learning and application as you can finish the course in one, easy sitting.

The courses now released focus on (1) transitioning to remote learning, (2) engaging all students in the digital space, and (2) using video and other tools to maximize instruction. These topics provide a solid foundation as teachers and school leaders must consider a holistic approach for student success – learning space establishment, relationship building, follow-up, student engagement, and tools that can make this process easier.

Future courses to wrap up this series include advice for parents to help their students in learning as well as key, instructional practices.

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