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Now that we are in the second half of the calendar year, the Stride Professional Development Center is happy to share this new content alert!

Last week, we released a very important course for anyone working in schools. The title is “Building Resiliency” and focuses on strategies to help you “bounce back” during difficulties. Along with the tips and ideas, there are opportunities to see and hear the difference between a resilient response and a non-resilient reaction.

The greatest benefit of the course are the downloadable template activities. Leaders receive a planning tool to work on a personal resiliency plan that could be used across the school. The teacher resource forces teachers to view challenges differently, which can apply to their daily lives too. Finally, the student template helps educators lead them through a value recognizing process where the students learn which values to apply during challenging moments.

Why is this course important? First, it meets our mission of helping educators become the best version of themselves as resilience is a critical factor for that improvement. Bear in mind that an individual with resilience is that way in every aspect of their lives – personally and professionally.

The Rand Corporation, which performs a great deal of educational research, ended a September 2020 blog with this final, headline statement: “Adults’ well-being is an important precursor to student SEL.” If that statement was not powerful enough, the author described some factors that diminish the well-being of a school’s adults – the normal job challenges, feelings of solitude not community, workload leading to burnout, etc. For further reading, you can access the full blog here.

Our course can help you improve your well-being which will, in turn, create the conditions for success in your school or classroom. Let us help you “bounce back” for the benefit of everyone and remember this quote from Building Resiliency:

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