Reflection and Projection

Years ago, while on a plane heading home from a work meeting, I had the entire row to myself and time to think. Several ideas emerged about learning from the past but I did not have paper. As such, I jotted down notes on an “air sickness bag.” Hopefully, you just laughed, but those thoughts led to this blog by the Stride Professional Development Center! Maybe it will spark something as you look back and plan ahead. 

Hard to believe that December starts THIS WEEK!

December is the month to begin an analysis for the events of 2022 – what happened, where did I succeed/fail, were there missed opportunities in disguise? It is also a great time to look ahead and start the planning process for 2023. Simply, here are ideas to help you reflect (look back) and project (look ahead).

Answer this – “what kind of legacy am I leaving by the choices I’m making?”

Simple question. Powerful question. An avoided question.

Quite frankly, this question brings implications that we really do not want to focus upon; so let me rephrase into a statement – the legacy that you leave is determined moment by moment and decision by decision. Our past cannot be changed and the future cannot be predicted. The here and now – our current reality – is where we touch the lives of others and have an opportunity to fashion a desired future.

We all have a purpose that is challenged by problems; however, that challenge presents us a possibility for what we can become so that we can do. Here are some simple steps to start reflecting on the past so that you can create your future in 2023:

DESCRIBE a few examples of how the lives and actions of others have blessed you

OFFER six words that describe the legacy that you want to leave

DECIDE what you value most in your life

OBSERVE a theme or mission based upon your history, gifts, and desires

DECLARE the lessons you want to pass on to future generations

ORGANIZE based upon the answers above, the legacy you want to create

Go back and look at that list. Did you notice a pattern?

The 6 steps alternate between a “d” and an “o.” Please catch the intent there – if we are going to forge a legacy, we have to “do” something. If you are on one side of the river and want to cross, the only way to forward is to get up and move – you’ve got to do something. To forge your legacy, do and act.

Right now, during December, take the time to work through the 6 step exercise to make a difference for everyone in your life – both personal and professional. 

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