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Trauma-Informed Classroom 1: Student Supports

Trauma is more prevalent in our schools than we think, so this course is vitally important.  By reviewing the definition of trauma and how the brain reacts, school personnel can learn strategies to respond in a manner that supports students and helps them begin to heal.
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Instructor: Jacque Beavers
  Added 03/29/2023    English
Two students and a trauma response

What's included  

  • 5 Sections
  • 2 Videos
  • 2 Printables
  • Learning Options
  • Multiple Reflections
  • 1 PD Clock Hour

Who's this course for?

Anyone having regular interaction with students would benefit:
  • All Teachers
  • Substitute Teachers
  • Future Teachers 
  • School Leaders
  • Paraprofessionals 

What You'll Learn  

  • How to define trauma that affects students 
  • What happens to the brain during the "stress cycle"
  • Which responses are better to support students 

Course Syllabus for Trauma-Informed Classroom 1: Student Supports


  • A willingness to learn and grow.
  • A computer or phone with access to the internet.
  • No paid software required - everything you need is in the Learning Module.

Course Description

Can you clearly define trauma and what it looks like in school?  This course will help you understand its nuances, how the brain reacts, and specific responses you can offer to support your students.

This course will cover topics such as understanding the signs and symptoms of trauma, the impact of trauma on learning, strategies for creating a trauma-informed classroom environment, and building resilience in students. Participants will have an opportunity to participate in hands-on activities that allow them to practice implementing strategies for creating a positive and supportive learning environment. The course will also provide resources for school personnel to access additional information and support related to trauma-informed practices. Upon completion of this course, participants will be prepared to better understand and respond to the needs of their students living with or exposed to trauma.

Trauma-Informed Classroom 1: FAQ's

How graphic is this content?

  • In the design, we chose to use real, school-related examples which can be difficult.  We have tried to be realistic without being graphic.  As such, we are adding a content warning because of the topic's sensitive nature.    

Is this course mobile-friendly?

  • Yes! The intentional design is for teachers to have choice in their learning, so you can learn with your phone, tablet, or computer.  Please note that some of the takeaway documents are detailed and would be better viewed on a computer screen.

What is the best way to take these courses?

  • Because this content deals with challenging experiences, we would encourage multiple sessions to complete the course.  That way, you can step away and process the information and return when ready.    

Are there other courses on this topic?

  • Yes!  Currently, a follow-up course that offers deeper insights for classroom support is being written and designed.  If you have other ideas for a course on this topic, then simply send us an email:  stridepdcenter@k12.com
Meet the instructor

Jacque Beavers

Jacque Beavers is an Academic Tutor and Teacher at Stride. She has been an educator since 2012, previously serving at Texas Online Preparatory School as MTSS Coordinator and Lead Teacher. She brings her passion for academic intervention and trauma-informed practice, helping all learners reach their goals with individualized instruction. 
Meet the designer

Matthew Hoppe

Matthew Hoppe is an Instructional Designer at Stride. He continually draws upon his experience as a teacher, media producer, and director of arts to support various schools and nonprofits. His passion is to use what he has learned to support others as they pursue living their best lives.

Trauma-Informed Classroom 1

Students dealing with trauma is a real-world issue in schools.  This course provides a basic overview by sharing a definition of trauma, descriptions of how the brain operations, and details on ways to respond appropriately.  
   Released 03/28/2023    English    Instructor: Jacque Beavers
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