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4.8 Stars (115+ ratings) | 1000+ Students
  Instructors: Niyoka McCoy, Joel Medley, Matthew Hoppe, Jenny Kendall, and more!
  Last updated 11/12/2022    English
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Whether you want future career opportunities in your school system or grow elsewhere, the Stride PD Center is the fastest and clearest way forward. 

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Our instructors are educators and use their experience for your benefit.  They create digestible content that saves you  time but gives you the learning that you want. 

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Our 14 day free trial gives you the chance to test our content that we believe will optimize your professional performance and increase your personal satisfaction.

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The courses include text, videos, reflection questions, templates, scenarios to practice, and much more.  You can take your learning and apply it immediately.

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You will receive certificates by attending our relevant courses and these can be used for learning hours.  Your success is our best asset to prove the quality of our training.

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We want to offer teachers a better chance to succeed and grow inside and out of the classroom. Teachers deserve to control their own outcome.


  • No experience needed - we'll guide you through everything you need to know in each individual course!
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Membership Description

There should never be a scenario in which teachers sit back at the end of the day and worry about balancing their wallet and missing an opportunity to move up in their administration because that one program with those specific hours was out of your price range. 

Please Note: We offer PD Clock Hours for each course. You will need to make sure that your district and state approves the courses for recertification.  
Monthly Membership FAQ

Why is the monthly membership so low?

  • We set this low, annual rate at  $49.99 because of our belief that Teachers Deserve Better.  We wanted to create high quality and low cost professional development to benefit teachers nationwide! Which is very exciting to us.

  • Our goal is to continue to grow and offer this low-cost option to as many teachers, administrators, and even parents who want to support this program! 

What's the point of offering 40+ Courses for $4.99?

  • It's not all that crazy when we look back at who we truly want to reach and who we truly want to support. Teachers. Deserve. Better. You shouldn't have to stress over acquiring trustworthy and proven resources, applicable clock hours, and finding a community that you can share your concerns AND triumphs with! We think it's possible together.

  • Each individual course costs $9.99. Why not support keeping our prices low to support a community of teachers that DIRECTLY impacts the future?
What has been said! So far...  
4.8 Stars 115+ ratings) | 1000+ Students (and counting)
The course gives teachers the tools in regards to being culturally responsive and the importance of doing so. This course helps teachers meet the needs of being culturally diverse and aware.

Danielle W.
 5 Stars
Explaining the different type of co-teaching options was very helpful. Teachers get stuck in a rut of only doing co-teaching one way. In the virtual setting, we would be able to accomplish all of these ways shown us in this course.

Amy B.
 5 Stars
I liked that the course was short, but informative. There were documents I could save to refer to after the course ended, and there were a variety of activities for me to practice the skills I was learning. 

Ellen K.
 5 Stars


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