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Discontinued Membership

Innovate Membership

An invitation to new methods, ideas, and products!
  Last Updated: Discontinued   English

Benefits of the Innovate Membership

Access  Courses

Our courses range from 30 minutes to 3+ hours with trending topics to support you with the latest research based strategies. 

Monthly Newsletter

We empower teachers to showcase their learning in the ways that are best for them- in their own place and at their own pace. 

Exclusive Innovation Notebook

As a member we provide you with a notebook filled with content and provide space for your to curate the templates and ideas you love!

Certificates of Completion

Receive certificates by completing our courses. Your success is our top priority!

Live Conference Events

Our conferences are attended by thousands of teachers across the nation each year and now we want to personally add our favorite event!

Early Access to Upcoming Content

We want to hear from YOU! It's why we take our upcoming content to our members first for feedback and even some requests for future builds!


Ready to create something new?