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As the leader in online learning, Stride created an affordable and flexible professional development solution that meets educators' needs in one location. The Stride PD Center is designed for educators who want to take charge of their professional learning and improve student success.
Product/Service Summary
The Stride PD Center is an ever-expanding library of mobile-friendly courses that allow teachers to learn anytime and anywhere. All courses are designed by educators, for educators, and contain bite-sized learning built around an interactive learning model. Each course includes practical take-away resources, embedded assessments, curated supplemental material, and more.

The Stride PD Center supports new and experienced teachers who are eager to grow professionally and perfect their teaching practice. The PD Center is also designed for school leaders who want to grow professionally, support teacher development by giving them choice, and improve overall school success.
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As the leader in online learning, Stride has created an affordable and flexible professional development solution that meets educators needs in one location. The Stride PD Center is designed for educators who want to take change of their professional learning and improve student success.
  • Choice. Despite knowing their strength areas and growth needs, teachers often don’t have a voice in their professional development experiences
  • Cost. Professional development options can be costly for teachers.·
  • Timeliness. Traditional PD options don’t always meet the read-time needs of teachers.
  • Relevance. The learning often lacks application and fails to improve classroom instruction.
The Stride PD Center puts the power of choice in the hands of those needing it most. With over two decades of expertise as the leader in online learning, our courses and learning experiences bring a unique solution for educators. The Stride PD Center offers:
  • A growing content library of on-demand courses and resources that give teachers choice and relevance.
  • Affordable price point for teachers, schools, and districts looking to supplement district PD.
  • Flexible, mobile, and bite-sized learning that allows educators to learn anytime and anywhere.
  • In-course learning assessments and end-of-course certificates to meet PD requirements.
  • Live learning events and collaboration with educators across the nation.
Growth Goals

Users by 2025

Subscribers by 2023
Are there set times for attendance? Or do we have set times to meet?
All Courses are asynchronous without live attendance.

For any of our live sessions that focus on a national community of educators solving problems together, our subscribers will be notified via email for these optional opportunities in advance.
Can I get credit or renewal units for SPDC courses?
Upon successful completion of each course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion (based on clock hours). The use of these Certificates for licensure renewal will depend on your state's requirements.
What Browsers are Supported?? Can I use my phone?
We support the latest versions of all well-known browsers. For optimal studying experience, we recommend using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. You nay also use your phone if you choose. This online school is fully responsive to all kinds of mobile devices. For an optimal experience, you can use the mobile version of Google Chrome if your device supports it. Please ensure your browsers are up-to-date and note that some courses function best on your desktop or laptop (the Grading Calibration series). 

 Mobile Usage Disclaimer: When interacting with our course content please note that for iOS devices, we support Safari (we require at least v12.1, and recommend the latest version).  For Android devices, we support Chrome (we require at least v9, and recommend the latest).
Founding Team

Darren Reed

Senior Vice President
Darren’s experiences in both the public and private experience as an education leader fuels his passion for transforming professional development for educators.

Joel Medley

Joel brings knowledge about school leadership and culture due to previous work that includes traditional, charter, and online schools.

Matthew Hoppe

Instructional Designer
Matthew has been an instructional designer with Stride for over three years, creating content to engage and inform educators in various best practices. 

Gregory Kulp

eCommerce Ops
Gregory is a creative and experienced specialist in eCommerce Operations for SME businesses. 
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