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Leveraging the Diversity of our students and creating an atmosphere of Inclusion yields better understanding and learning. This series offers you practical tips to do both.  We also have free, downloadable resources that can help you immediately in your classroom.

Be sure to visit Stride’s comprehensive "One Voice" curriculum that provides teachers with free access to Diversity & Inclusion lesson plans and resources (grades K-12) that use history as a conversation starter. These lesson plans are organized by grade level and topic. (jump to One Voice)

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Diversity & Inclusion Courses  

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Culturally Responsive Instruction 1.1

By first knowing who you are, the focus can shift to your growth and finding better ways to work with the the students in your classrooms. 
 4.2 Stars (12 ratings) | 29 Students
Instructor: Niyoka McCoy
  Last updated 6/12/2022    English
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Change Begins with
One Voice

As a learning leader, we've created One Voice.  It is a free, age-appropriate curriculum that includes lesson plans and teacher resources for grades K-12.  The content packages use historical facts to create dialogue about our experiences in the country we love – not shy away from it. 

Additional Resources

The Stride PD Center wants to save you time! We have curated a list of useful resources that we believe support your professional growth in this focused, learning topic. While we do not own this material, we have included it here so that the Stride PD Center can serve as your “one-stop shop” for continued learning!
One Voice Full Curriculum | Stride: A Learning Company
Cultivating diversity in education | Resilient Educator 
5 Ways Principals Impact Diversity  | St. Thomas University 
Printable Posters for Teachers  | Learning for Justice