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Foundations of Reading 1.1

Developing Your Reading Teaching Philosophy
This introductory course in the Foundations of Reading series aims to inspire educators on their journey to becoming reading teachers in support of reaching more learners. 

In part 1.1, a podcast series, you will be guided by reading educators across the Stride Network to support you in developing your own  reading teaching philosophy. 
Image of elementary students reading books

What's included  

  • 3 Podcasts 
  • Reflection Guide Takeaway 
  • Networking Opportunities 
  • 1 Hour
  • Certificate Of  Completion

Connection to Practice 

This course allows you to dig deep, hear from others, and reflect to decipher what being a teacher of reading means to you to develop a lasting philosophy that you can carry with you into your everyday teaching. 

Course Lessons

Meet the instructor

Brittany Churchill

Brittany Churchill is the Learning and Development Production Manager at Stride. She calls upon her past educational pursuits to champion the company’s mission of fostering life-long learning through inspired, personalized education. She plays a vital role in developing resources to reach all learners and their unique educational needs.
Meet the designer

Becca Jeppson

Becca Jeppson is an Instructional Designer at Stride who has cultivated a deep love for teaching and supporting students through online education. She began her career as a brick-and-mortar teacher before landing her current dream job on the Talent Development team, where she assists in creating engaging resources for educators.